Notes From Classmates

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Joanne Mendoza Iwens and Eugene Aspy from SBHS Class of 1958 lunching together on July 6, 2015 at Joanne and Ralph's Wohnung in Schaafheim, Germany.  

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Joanne, Eugene, Marie, Mark, Mark.

If any other classmates plan to be in the Aschaffenburg area during the summer months, let us know! We'd be happy to show you around!

Love and hugs from Joanne and Ralph

Gil and Sherry Beyer on a river cruise with a layover in Aschaffenburg, Germany

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Ralph (not shown) and I (Joanne Mendoza Iwens) had dinner on board the River Empress cruise ship with Gil and Sherry Beyer during their brief layover in Aschaffenburg, Germany. We came from the nearby town of Schaafheim, where we reside several months a year, and met Gil and Sherry at their ship. They gave us a tour of their ship before we took a walking tour of  the area nearby.  

Gil, Sherry and Ralph at the Stiftsbasilika

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Ralph led us on a short tour of the Stiftsbasilika and Schloss Johannisburg.

Afterwards, we enjoyed happy hour and a delicious dinner on board the River Empress as guests of Gil and Sherry. It was wonderful to see SBHS Class of 1958 friends again, even for a short while!

If any other classmates plan to be in the Aschaffenburg area during the summer months, let us know! We'd be happy to show you around!

Love and hugs from Joanne and Ralph

Richard Regenburgh <> wrote (2012):

I don't know if I told any of the class before or not, but my wife Eadie passed away Sept.30, 2011 of ovarian cancer.  She was only 62.   While not an SBHS grad, she was the one most responsible for the changes in me (a little more sociable, willing to get up and dance) since I graduated High School.  Another sad note, Jim Ricketts of our class had his voice box removed because of throat cancer. as of today, he is doing well, and looking forward to getting a prosthetic voice this fall.

On a happier note, I  just completed Santa University, and have my Bachelor of Santa, in addition to  the rest of my alphabet soup.

Joy Kravetz Berger wrote (2012):

Bernie and I spent 2 days with Florence Oppenhoff Wagner and her husband Bill in Sedona, Az . Florence and Bill were celebrating their 50th anniversary and shared the finale of their trip with us.

We hadn’t seen each other for over 40 years..Lots of ears must have been burning..had a great time and looking forward to seeing each other again..sooner rather than later.

Joy Kravetz Berger                 Picture Not Found

Lita Goldstein Poehlman wrote (2012):

My birthday is July 9th. I’ll be 71 & honestly, in my younger years, I never dreamed so much time could pass so quickly. There really isn’t anything that exciting to talk about. We are just enjoying our kids & grandkids. I keep busy with synagogue stuff & we have our great-grandson almost every day for the summer. He is a very busy 6 year old & I’m becoming a very tired grandma. LOL 



Reta Cochrane Grant wrote (2012):

I had knee surgery last week. Doing better than when other knee taken care of. No replacement just torn meniscus, arthritis and spurs, stones. Going stir crazy already since housebound.  Would love to get out soon. Lots of rain here. Hope those in north Florida okay.


Barb Hafendorfer Brant wrote (2012):

My birthday is May 19th and I will be hitting the big 72. Ugh! My husband and I will be taking a cruise (my 31st) next Monday. Then the following week I leave for a ten day road trip with my two sisters. We are returning to Ohio where we we grew up. It will be somewhat sad to go back to so many memories. Fortunately most of them are good ones. We will be visiting a favorite aunt who, unfortunately, has come into poor health the past month. Wish we had visited sooner!Lesson: Don't put things off!